Become a Member and Contribute to the Wellbeing of The Owl House:

The Foundation invites membership by an annual subscription to individuals, families, or companies. Members receive regular newsletters, are updated on progress and events, and receive preferential rates for sale items.

The aims of the Owl House Foundation are threefold:

  • To improve standards and service to the visiting public.
  • To safeguard and develop the Owl House as a vital community resource.
  • To implement maintenance and restoration programmes to ensure the long-term survival of this unique artistic heritage.

The Owl House receives no official subsidy. In the main, receipts from the gate are utilised for administrative costs and salaries, and for a fixed contribution to municipal income. Donations, sale items and membership subscriptions provide our primary funding for the restoration programme.

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Please Note: Membership is for a financial year from 1 July in one year to 30 June the next year. Memberships unpaid more than 3 months after 1 July (at 30 September) will be terminated automatically.

All applications are subject to approval by the Board of Directors